Register for online services

At Rosewood Practice we use an online portal called “Patient Access” which gives you the ability see and manage several aspects of your patient information. This includes:

  • Your medication and repeat prescriptions
  • Test results
  • Allergies
  • Immunisations
  • Documents including letters

You can also use the system book appointments and to securely share parts of your medical record with others.

Waiting for test results?

If you have had tests at the Rosewood Practice and have not been recalled, this usually means your test results are normal and don’t need further action. However, you can check your results using Patient Access, without making an appointment.

Registration – Keeping your information secure

Because it is important to keep this information private, you will need to register to use the service with us first and to make sure it is really you we will need to see you and some id, either in person, or via an online video call. Please use the form below

Patient Access Registration request

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Setting up a video call so that we can verify your identity

So that we can check that it is really you who wants access to your records, we may ask to set up a 5 minute video call and ask to see some photo id. We do this by sending you a link to click on to join the call
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