Musculoskeletal Direct

Musculoskeletal Direct is an online questionnaire designed to help you receive the right care at the right time for problems such as back, neck and joint pain. 

What is a musculoskeletal problem? 

Musculoskeletal (commonly referred to as MSK) problems, can affect your bones, joints, muscles, spine or nerves. They are a common cause of pain and disability and can affect you at any age.  

Musculoskeletal conditions can cause pain, joint stiffness, change in body shape and limitations of movement. They vary over time and can be unpredictable.   

Musculoskeletal problems include:  

  • Osteoarthritis of the hip, knee, neck and back  
  • Back and neck pain 
  • Muscles, tendons, ligament and nerve pain 
  • Sports and exercise injuries

Use Musculoskeletal Direct if you: 

  • are 18 or over 
  • are registered with a City & Hackney GP Practice 
  • have a musculoskeletal problem 

Do not use Musculoskeletal Direct if you: 

  • have an urgent health problem  
  • have had your musculoskeletal problem for less than 7 days  
  • have already been referred to Physiotherapy by your GP or First Contact Practioner (FCP) 
  • have an appointment with a FCP or GP already
  • have more than 2 areas of pain

Musculoskeletal Direct is not suitable for help with: 

  • a neurological condition (such as Stroke or Multiple Sclerosis) 
  • a gynaecological condition (such as prolapse or incontinence) 
  • a respiratory condition (such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmorary Disorder (COPD) or Cystic Fibrosis) 

How to use it?

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