Back to school January updates

There is a current Childhood Immunisations Awareness campaign in the community to ensure children and young adults are up to date with their immunisations. This is because vaccine levels in London have dropped well below 95% which is required for herd immunity, i.e. sufficient immunity to stop infections spreading in the community and affecting the very young or ill.

The UK Health Security Agency has warned that London could be at risk of a large measles outbreak Ch”V. NE Hackney is at particular risk of measles because MMR immunisation coverage is currently very low.

The recent Whooping Cough outbreak in the Charedi community is an unfortunate example of what can happen to the unvaccinated. Many local families were affected, and sadly, numerous distressed babies were hospitalised. Raising awareness, saw an improved understanding of how to avoid this and Baruch Hashem, the outbreak has now been declared over.

Sharing evidence-based information allows parents to make informed decisions about immunisations for their children. Any concerns can be discussed with your GP or other health professional. There are Sunday clinics at Spring Hill and Stamford Hill Group practices, where every effort will be made to accommodate any surge in demand.

Please protect yourselves, your families, and our community.