Should you work during the Covid Pandemic

We understand you have concerns about whether it is safe for you to work during the pandemic relating to your own health or someone you live with.

If you are in the ‘extremely clinically vulnerable’ category, you should not work at all outside of the house.  You would have had a letter from the government advising you to shield if this is the case. 

If you live with someone who is extremely clinically vulnerable you are not advised to shield, and it is recommended to continue to work.  

The government has asked everyone to work from home where possible and employers have a duty to allow this where possible. Your employer also has an obligation to provide a risk assessment in the workplace to ensure that it is safe for you to work. 

We have a large number of patients who are ‘moderately’ or ‘highly’ vulnerable, IE from health conditions, age, ethnicity or body mass index.  We are not able to give individual advice or written reports.  We do not have capacity to have conversations about these issues at this extremely busy time nor are we qualified to give occupational health advice.  Your employer should not require any medical evidence.

This link has more useful information, if you need further individual advice our receptionists can book you a telephone appointment with a Citizens advice bureau advisor.